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Myths and Facts About Workplace Violence

We all worry about it and hope that it never happens where we work or where anyone we know works. But with the advent of "instant news" via cell phone videos, the internet, twitter, we can't seem to escape this sad...

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Controlling Your Commercial Automobile Insurance Costs and Exposures

WOW! We just read a report that says that 60% of company vehicles accidents occur on personal time. That's a huge percentage and is affecting the premiums everyone is paying for commercial auto insurance. What can you...

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Your Employee Just Filed A Lawsuit Against You....Are You Covered?

Do you need Employment Practices Liability coverage? The answer is probably yes. Every year there are more and more lawsuits filed against employers for charges alleging some sort of employment discrimination. Over 40%...

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Have a Company Car Provided for Your Personal Use?

Do you have a company owned vehicle that you drive for personal use but no car of your own? If you do, you may have a serious gap in your insurance coverage. Your employer's insurance will cover you while you are...

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Do You Need A Personal Umbrella Policy?

Did you know that the "average" personal injury lawsuit award is $789,784? That's over and above what your auto or homeowners insurance policy may pay. So in most cases, we are talking close to $1,000,000 (yes, MILLION)...

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Are Your First Aid Kits Up to Snuff?

Did you realize that there were nearly 3 Million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2015? Is your office or workplace prepared to provide some immediate treatment? No one wants an employee to be injured on the...

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Why Your Employees' Driving Record Can Be A Reflection On Your Company

Have you ever wondered why your insurance carrier wants to exclude one of your employees as a driver? Did you know YOU can be held accountable if they are involved in an auto accident and injure someone when they are...

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Why Do We Keep Talking About Cyber Liability?

Here's why:1) 33% of Fortune 500 Corporate executives fall for phishing attacks2) 70% of cyber attacks target small business3) 60% of hacked small and medium size businesses fail within six months following a breachIt's...

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I Just Received an MVR, Now What?

Workplace Violence

Nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year. What can you, as their employer, do to reduce or help prevent this from occurring at your business? The number one thing you...

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