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Know the Law on Workers' Compensation Posters

Did you know that Kentucky employers are required by law to post a notice regarding their workers' compensation coverage? KRS 342.610 states the following:

Every employer subject to this chapter, at its principal office and such other locations where employees customarily report for payroll and personnel matters, shall post a notice stating the name of its workers' compensation insurance carrier and policy number, setting forth the means to access medical care for injuries, the employee's obligation to give notice of accidents, and such other matters concerning the employee's right under this chapter as may be required by the commissioner so as to afford every employee the opportunity to become informed about the employer's workers' compensation program. The format and contents of the notice shall be established by the commissioner through administrative regulation, and copies shall be provided to the employer by its insurance carrier.

How do you get a poster? In most cases, your insurance agent should be able to provide you with the necessary poster. Or, if you have a login and password with your workers' comp carrier, you may be able to order a poster directly from their website.


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