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New Coverage for Today’s Equipment and Information Risks

As equipment breakdown risks evolve with changing technology and increased demands, it’s critical to keep equipment breakdown coverage up to date. The latest coverage is now available from Bilz Insurance. It is broad coverage and offers generous incentives for upgrades to equipment that uses less energy, is safer or more environmentally friendly.

This insurance program also includes an option to add timely coverages for today’s information risks – data breach and identity theft – at a cost smaller businesses will find affordable. Contact us about these new insurance offerings.

New Solutions for Today’s Data Security Risks

All businesses are vulnerable

Data breach and identity theft have become common crimes and pose a real threat to small and mid-sized businesses. Our agency is offering two new insurance coverages that address these risks.  They’re affordable priced as one convenient bundle.

Data breach response makes a difference.

Virtually all businesses collect data from customers, employees and others. This includes debit and credit card transactions, driver’s license numbers, Social Security information or other identifying information.  The problem is that identity thieves are increasingly targeting small and mid-sized business. In fact, about half of all data breaches occur with small to mid-sized firms. 

Insurance coverage for data breach is important because once a breach occurs nearly every state requires you to notify everyone affected and it can cost you thousands. Equally important, your customer retention and reputation depend on the right response to a breach. But most businesses don’t have the expert resources or know how to respond.

That’s why we recommend a new product called Data Compromise coverage.  It pays for professional services such as legal review of states’ differing obligations and the cost of creating and mailing notifications to affected persons.  As important, it includes credit monitoring services for affected individuals and identity restoration services if identity theft results.  Prompt professional assistance such as this helps reassure your clients and protects your business reputation. 

Identity theft coverage can lift the burden.

While everyone is vulnerable to identity theft, it can be especially damaging for a business owner whose personal credit may be a critical business asset and who can ill-afford the distraction of the complicated and time-consuming process of restoring credit and identity records.

That’s why we’re also offering Identity Recovery coverage, a new and better type of identity theft insurance specially designed for business owners.  It pays legal and other expenses you incur to restore your personal credit and identity records.  But your time away from work to resolve the problem is the real cost of identity theft.  We selected this program because it includes professional services to help you navigate and speed the process and take on as many steps as possible on your behalf.

Learn about protection for information exposures.

Data breach and identity theft are real risks and their aftermath is complicated, costly and requires help from trained professionals. Contact our office to learn more about the new coverages we offer that respond to these crimes.