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Frozen Pipes!

It's been a bitterly cold January and not only have our clients had problems with frozen pipes, but our office experienced the same issue this past Friday.  With an office full of women, that obviously created a problem but nothing we couldn't surmount!  Do you know what to do to help prevent frozen pipes or how to thaw them if you have them?  The first step is prevention. Before cold weather sets in, make sure to drain and close the valves for any outside water sources. Insulate your indoor hot & cold water lines.  Even newspaper can provide some degree of insulation.  If you find the need to thaw pipes, the 1st step if to keep the faucet open so as you start to thaw them, water will begin to flow and help to melt the other ice in the pipe.  Apply to heat by wrapping with an electric heating pad, hair dryer or portable space heater. DO NOT use any type of blowtorch or any other type of open flame device. And DO NOT leave unattended for any length of time.  Apply the heat until full water pressure is restored. If that doesn't seem to work, you need to call a plumber. And if worse comes to worse and the pipes burst, call your insurance agent.  Most homeowners, condo and tenant policies cover the damage caused by burst pipes and the ensuing water damage.  But remember, the first line of defense is prevention!


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