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Wedding Insurance

from Bilz Insurance

Wedding Insurance

Weddings are undoubtedly a special time for participants and guests alike. However, it is important to remember the multitude of risks and liabilities taken on when preparing and hosting a wedding, most of which are not covered by typical insurance plans. Even more worrying is the threat of a "wedding disaster," such as a damaged dress or sudden illness.

Unlike most policies, which renew year after year, wedding coverage is a one-time deal. Starting at a one-time premium of $160 and rising, depending on the type of coverage you want, Travelers' wedding-protection plan protects against postponement or cancellation because of weather, because you or your intended is called for military duty or because of other unavoidable occurrences.

According Travelers, more than 40 percent of the wedding-insurance claims filed in 2007 and 2008 involved issues with vendors and venues, some of which closed down because of the worsening economy. Almost half of those problems occurred with caterers, photographers and wedding planners who failed to show up at the anointed hour on the big day.

Wedding Disasters

Planning an outdoor wedding?

  • What if a thunderstorm strikes on your special day?
  • What if your dress rips during your pre-wedding photo shoot?
  • How special would your big day be if your photos were ruined?

These are all scenarios that no bride and groom want to think about, but the simple fact is that wedding disaster do occur, and there's no better way to be prepared than to purchase wedding insurance through Travelers.

Travelers wedding insurance can be custom built for weddings of every type, size, and budget, and covers nearly every conceivable wedding day disaster. From lost or damaged rings to a vendor bailing at the last minute, a low premium can help cover you in case of nearly every emergency.

Risks and Liabilities

Just as important as planning for emergencies, however, is the consideration of risks and liabilities associated with weddings.

Each celebration is unique, and it is therefore very important to discuss wedding plans with your independent insurance agent to arrange for the proper insurance coverage.

The most common risks associated with a wedding reception include the following:

  • The Wedding Reception Contract
  • Wedding Jewelry
  • Gifts at the Wedding Reception
  • Liquor Liability at the Wedding Reception

The Wedding Reception Contract

It is always a good idea to review contracts with your insurance agent before signing them, so as to avoid any unnecessary risks contained within the contract. When considering restaurants or reception halls, it is imperative to know whether or not you will be held responsible for damages or actions against the facility that result from the reception.

Some umbrella policies will cover the liabilities associated with a wedding reception, but others will not, and so it is crucial to find out about your own policy before signing any contract with a reception facility.

Wedding Jewelry

Since most home insurance policies limit coverage for personal jewelry of any significant value, it is usually a good idea to place additional coverage on items like the engagement and wedding rings to your policy.

If the couple does not own a home, a renters insurance policy can be set up so the jewelry is covered prior to the wedding.

Gifts at the Wedding Reception

The last thing a bride and groom want to worry about on their wedding day is the theft or destruction of gifts at the reception. Most homeowner or renters policies will cover these items. You should check with your agent to ensure that you have enough personal property coverage to cover their value. It is important to note that especially fragile items will need to be specifically listed to insure against breakage.

Liquor Liability at the Wedding Reception

It's no secret that guests generally enjoy large quantities of alcohol at a wedding reception. In order to protect yourself against any fallout from alcohol-induced incidents, make sure you have a homeowners policy in force. Most policies will pick up this "host liquor liability" exposure.

Learn more about Travelers Wedding insurance and make sure your big day is completely protected!