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Non-Profit Insurance

from Bilz Insurance

Non-Profit Insurance

At Bilz, we understand the unique insurance needs of the Non-profit sector. As such, we have partnered with several insurance companies who will tailor insurance packages designed for those entities that meet the definition of Non-Profit under the IRS Code 501(c)3.

Like any other business, you need to cover your organization’s assets. A business package policy covering your property, liability, autos and workers with additional features is the basis of your insurance program. To that, we can add many additional coverages such as money & securities coverage, accounts receivable and liquor liability. We also have the means to handle the other special resources to your organization; namely your volunteers, directors and officers.

Volunteers commit their time and efforts to your organization. As such, you have a vested interest in being certain that they are financially protected if they are injured “on the job”. Is this workers compensation or is it not? States treat this situation differently. In addition, not all volunteer workers are treated the same. This makes the analysis all the more difficult but no less important. We can help you with this.

Your directors and officers likewise commit time and effort to the organization. Serving on your board, however, leaves them open to greater liability exposure than the volunteer. In order to add individuals to your board, they will want to feel comfortable that, should legal action arise, they have protection. You can assure them that you do have that protection through a Directors & Officers (D&O) policy.

Since your organization does not have shareholders, who can sue your Board?

  • Current and former staff alleging wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and Americans with Disabilities Act violations.
  • Other non-profits, and vendors
  • Clients aka the people you serve

Talk to your Bilz Associate about the intricacies of your Non-Profit or Social Service Agency. Through our relationship with several insurance companies, we can design a comprehensive insurance program just for YOU!