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Identity Theft Insurance

Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft is an everyday occurrence that affects millions of Americans every year, but staying informed and alert can help prevent it from happening to you.

In today's world of internet shopping and e-mail scam artists, it has never been more important to protect your identity. Over nine million Americans have their identities stolen each year and, according to the Federal Trade Commission, that number is on the rise.

Before discussing ways to prevent identity theft, it is important to understand the ways in which criminals can access your bank accounts, credit card statements, and other personal information:

  • Dumpster Diving - Criminals root through your trash to find personal documents such as bank or credit card statements
  • Skimming - Theft of a credit card during a transaction
  • Phishing - Spam e-mails that request personal information
  • Address Change - Diverting bills and bank statements to a criminal's address
  • Common Theft - Stealing credit cards, wallets, bank statements, or other personal information either physically or electronically
  • Pretexting - Setting up elaborate plots to trick individuals into giving away personal information

Despite the growing number of stolen identities, there are several simple, yet effective, means of deterring criminals. Here's a good starter list:

  • Order a copy of your credit report each year and ensure that it contains only activities you have authorized.
  • Ensure that your password protected accounts have complex passwords that incorporate numbers, letters, and symbols.
  • Only give out personal information over the phone or internet if you are absolutely sure that the person or company is trustworthy.
  • Don't carry your Social Security card; keep it in a safe place. Only give out your SSN when absolutely necessary.

A victim of identity theft who is covered may be reimbursed for legal fees, lost or stolen property, and even mental health counseling. Identity theft can be included in your home insurance policy for a minimal fee. Be sure to check with us to have this valuable coverage added to your policy.