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Pizza Delivery Insurance

Pizza Delivery Insurance

One of the highest risks associated with your business is delivery. Many pizza restaurant operators are tempted to forego this coverage due to the high cost. Don’t settle for less. You may be endangering the most profitable part of your business – Pizza Delivery! At Bilz, we have a program designed to cover all areas of concern including pizza delivery liability insurance.

Our program specializes in pizza restaurants, including large, well known franchises. We can provide your basic package policy, workers compensation policy, auto liability and an umbrella policy. We can add additional coverages such as employment practices liability insurance, food contamination and crime coverage.

You want to run a successful business, reducing problems and hassles. We strive to identify, minimize and, if possible, eliminate all insurance concerns.

"Contact Bilz Insurance today" <JohnL [at] BilzIns [dot] com> to see if your pizza restaurant qualifies for this comprehensive insurance program.