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Redwood and Bilz Insurance win Safeco Make More Happen Award

Aug 27 2012 We did it, thanks to your help! Bilz Insurance was one of the top four finishers in the Safeco Insurance® Make More Happen Awards voting event, which means that Redwood will receive $7,500 to help fund its work in our... more

Help Redwood School & Rehabilitation Center win $7,500 from Safeco Insurance

Aug 6 2012 The volunteer efforts of Chas H. Bilz Agency resulted in a Make More Happen Award — and a $2,000 grant for Redwood School and Rehabilitation Center, Inc. — from Safeco Insurance. Now, we can make even more happen! With... more

Bilz Insurance wins Safeco Make More Happen Award

Aug 3 2012 Chas. H. Bilz Agency was selected from among 90 applications to receive a Make More Happen Award from the Safeco Insurance Agent Giving Program! As a result of our staff's volunteer efforts, Redwood will receive a $2,... more

New Coverage for Today’s Equipment and Information Risks

May 3 2012 As equipment breakdown risks evolve with changing technology and increased demands, it's critical to keep equipment breakdown coverage up to date. The latest coverage is now available from Bilz Insurance. It is broad... more

Motorcycle Season is here!

Mar 23 2012 Spring is here. That means it is Motorcycle season! Did you know that there are over 8 million motorcycles in the United States and that the average age of a rider is 41? We have several carriers that offer coverage for... more

Planning a Spring Wedding?

Mar 14 2012 Let us take some of your worries away. Did you hear about the bride that went to pick up her pre-paid dress and there was a sign on the door saying that the dress shop was out of business? How about the couple heading... more

Choosing the Right Life Insurance Policy

Feb 14 2012 With more than 2,000 companies offering life insurance, there is stiff competition for your business and a wide array of policy choices, too. So how do you navigate all these choices? You'll want to read on to learn how... more

Winter Storms Ahead: Are You Ready?

Feb 11 2012 We admit it: As insurance pros, our picture of winter isn't exactly cozy. Winter storms mean traffic snarls, hillsides turning to sheets of ice, and cars sliding around like hockey pucks. Cold temperatures can cause... more

Is insurance for an old car necessary?

Feb 10 2012 Should the age or value of your car make any difference to the cost of your auto insurance? For some insurance coverages, the answer is no. Take liability coverages, for instance. These are the limits that protect you... more

Home Inventory: Know Your Stuff

Feb 8 2012 Most people know that a homeowners or renter's insurance policy is crucial when it comes to protecting your home from a fire or other disaster. However, if you want to safeguard your valuables from the unexpected, there'... more

Sounds too Good to be True: Downloading Illegal Music

Feb 4 2012 Remember the days of curling up to the radio on a Saturday night, torturing yourself through commercials and lame tunes just to be able to crank it when Mr. DJ played your favorite song? No longer does one require the... more

Tips for unoccupied or vacant homes and properties

Feb 2 2012 When properties are left vacant or are unoccupied, steps should be taken to prevent or mitigate losses due to heating system, electrical system, water damage, vandalism or other causes. Heating system/Electrical The... more

Is a GPS Covered by an Auto Policy?

Feb 1 2012 Some may view them as science fiction gone wild. Others see them as indispensable, possibly life-saving tools. Regardless of your feelings about Global Positioning Systems (GPS), they continue to occupy the dashboards... more

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