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Are Any of Your Vehicles Subject to a Recall?

Jun 23 2017 Did you know that there were a record 53.2 million vehicles subject to recalls in 2016? The manufacturer will attempt to contact you if there is a recall, normally via postal mail. But we all know that in an office... more

Is Your Business Global Now?

May 15 2017 The world seems like a small place anymore. More and more we are seeing companies who have business interests that cross international lines. What happens when your employee gets hurt or injured on a business trip? Do... more

Are You Held Responsible If Your Dog Bites Someone?

Mar 3 2017 The simple answer is yes. Kentucky & Ohio both hold that dog owners are "strictly" liable for any injury or any property damage caused by your dog. Dog bite claims account for more than 1/3 of all homeowners insurance... more

September is National Preparedness Month

Sep 15 2016 Do you have a business continuity plan in place? What about a personal safety plan in the event of fire or a natural disaster? There are several resources that can help you with either plan, including your insurance... more

What are the consquences of Misclassification?

Jul 19 2016 Are you incorrectly misclassifying your workers as independent contractors? You think no harm, no foul...right? You couldn't be more wrong and this could come back to harm you and your business in serious ways.... more

It's a Whaling Scam!

Jun 30 2016 And we are not talking about the largest mammal on the planet. We are talking about what could be a huge data breach to your business. What is "whaling" you ask? They are commonly known as "business email compromise" or... more

The Hidden Danger Lurking in Your Electrical Box

Jun 14 2016 Does your home or business contain a Federal Pacific Electric Slab-Lok breaker box? If it was built or remodeled between 1950 to 1985 you should check to see. These panels are associated with breakers not tripping. That... more

You Can Help In Reducing Your Workers Compensation Costs

Jun 3 2016 How do you ask? Depending on who your workers compensation insurance carrier is, have you accessed their website for FREE safety information and materials? From posters to webinars, most insurance companies are offering... more

Are Self-Driving Cars the Way of the Future?

Jan 15 2016 As insurance agents, we have been closely following the development and testing of self-driving cars. We have asked ourselves, how will this affect our business? According to the most recent information that we have... more

Insurance - Can you Handle the Truth?

Aug 21 2015 I read an excellent article on IIABA newsletter about shopping your personal auto insurance on "price" alone. Copy and paste this link into your browser to read the article: more

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